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Yurts Build-a-Bot: Your Powerful Enterprise AI Platform Simplified

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Overwhelmed with constant status updates and endless communication threads? Imagine a world where you can skip the noise and dive straight into knowledge you need—without adding an email to the pile. With Yurts AI Assistant, you effortlessly convert your raw data into an easily accessible AI chat bot, making information retrieval just a simple query away.

Companies face challenges like manual tasks, AI adoption, data analysis limitations, AI implementation costs, and customer support. Yet, the Yurts no-code AI builder simplifies this. Adding more complication, there's an increase in capital being invested in new businesses, leading to fierce competition and a saturated market. A multitude of new AI companies is offering specific, tailored solutions for various industries. But what about a platform that prioritizes safety and control with a connected system that just works wherever your people work. The Yurts Build-a-Bot interface is an easy to use, smart platform to make a large amount of information available to business stakeholders and customers at large. 

Put transformative enterprise AI technology into practice today. Yurts is designed to remove the complexities of building your own AI platform, and puts the power of AI right into your organization’s hands. 

The flexibility of conversational AI

As an enterprise AI platform, Yurts Build-a-Bot functionality simplifies conversational chatbot creation. In a few clicks you can take the information contained in your documents, and let people ask questions, in normal conversational English, to get the information they need to be successful. Of course that’s not all you can do. You also have the ability to refine your ask, follow up, return to questions you’ve previously asked, and generate text with that very same information.

Yurts is built to stand on the shoulders of your data, where it is. That can be done through one of our connectors, where we allow you to access your data where it lives or through the direct upload of documents.  

How you interact with the data is up to you. Sometimes you just need the basics. With this tool you can ask for a summary of lengthy documents, or groups of documents, and get a quick overview without digging though the details and synthesizing it yourself. Other times, when you care only about certain topics, the Build-a-Bot is designed to let you ask about the things you care about. Let the bot sift through all of the information coming your way. 

Empowering various teams with Yurts Build-a-Bot

Yurts Build-a-Bot, as a versatile no-code AI chatbot platform, can enhance efficiency across different enterprise departments. Its adaptive capabilities streamline workflows and communication to ensure a comprehensive approach to operational improvements. Here's how Yurts Build-a-Bot benefits various teams:

  • Customer Support: Yurts Build-a-Bot enables teams to summarize customer interactions, effectively resolve complex issues, and provide prompt, personalized support.
  • Human Resources: The AI chatbot platform streamlines recruitment processes, automates employee onboarding, and offers in-depth insights for talent management.
  • Finance: With Yurts Build-a-Bot, financial teams can optimize budgets, automate financial reporting, and identify potential cost-saving opportunities.
  • Sales: By leveraging Yurts Build-a-Bot, sales teams can improve sales performance, access crucial data, anticipate customer queries, and develop effective communication strategies.
  • IT: The platform allows IT departments to mitigate scaling risks, enhance security, simplify knowledge discovery, and bolster risk management.
  • Legal: For legal teams, Yurts Build-a-Bot can streamline workflows, augment contract inspections, handle routine compliance matters, and foster better cross-team communication.

With Yurts Build-a-Bot, industries such as Government, Retail, Enterprise, Insurance, Healthcare, and Financial Institutions can benefit from its comprehensive solutions for operational advancements.

Harness the power of no-code AI

With Yurts Build-a-Bot, the no-code AI builder, you unlock a user-friendly, transformative enterprise AI platform that streamlines your business operations, aids in data analysis and customer service, and simplifies AI creation. Experience the benefits of a fully customizable AI platform with no coding skills necessary. Contact us for a personalized demo and discover how Yurts Build-a-Bot seamlessly aligns with your use case. Don't wait to revolutionize your business operations and turn data chaos into order. Empower Your Business with AI Today–Try Yurts Build-a-Bot!

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