Smarter insurance operations with AI

Leverage AI for improved claims processing, underwriting, rate filing, customer experience, and employee operations.
Experience AI Insurance

AI and insurance

Yurts Enterprise AI streamlines insurance processes and optimizes customer experiences. It unifies HR, Marketing, Sales, Legal, and IT departments, offering a comprehensive solution for efficient operations.

Streamlined insurance operations

Utilize AI driven knowledge management to sift through huge volumes of unstructured data and enable smarter decisions.

Speed claims management with user-friendly tools and AI-guided claim categorization.

Measurably improve employee performance through AI-driven workflows.

Improve customer insights to optimize conversion rates, renewals, and amendments.

Unified business operations

HR: Streamline recruitment, boost employee engagement, and analyze performance.

Finance: Interpret financial data, augment financial analysis, accurate compliance reporting, policy comprehension, and time management.

Sales: Improve outreach, prep for calls, fine-tune pitches, and maximize conversion.

Legal: Refine efficiency in contract reviewing, risk foreseeing, and cross-team communication.

IT: Streamline email drafting and adapt to accommodate future applications.

Support: Expedite issue resolution, streamline communication, facilitate knowledge sharing, and propel data-driven satisfaction.

AI-powered insurance platform

AI-powered insurance platform: Speed up the claims process—including filling out forms, assessing damages, and identifying fraud—and make it cheaper.

Customer experience: Provide customer service all day, answering questions and helping customers make claims

Underwriting: Use tailored solutions for assessing risks, automating for small accounts and augmenting for larger ones to meet client-specific needs.

Knowledge retrieval: Find information across data sources and extract key details from documents.

Summarize and generate: Condense large information chunks and create standardized content.

Write and adapt: Streamline email drafting and adapt to accommodate future applications.

De-risking generative AI for insurance

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