The next evolution of enterprise AI

Factual, secure and reliable. Trusted by the Dept. of Defense in mission critical work.
Choice and control. LLM agnostic. Select the best model for the job.
Easy to implement and connect to existing data, applications and workflows.

"Yurts AI is helping to broaden the usability of generative AI.”

VP Sales


“Yurts technology, combined with our proprietary knowledge, is building us a strategic differentiator.”

Tech Executive

Yurts Customer

“Yurts full-stack, turnkey solution changes the game for small and large businesses alike.”

Manish Patel

Founder of Nava Ventures

The most accessible enterprise AI platform

How it works

Transforming knowledge management and everyday workflows

Connect your team to their best work.


Find information across disparate data sources and organizational silos.


Critical documents like employee handbooks, user manuals, insurance policies.


Information like meetings, customer support emails, consumer research.


Standardized content like FAQ responses, status reports, product descriptions.


Draft emails, research reports, proposals, and other long and short form content.


A platform with the flexibility to deliver on future applications, whatever they may be.

Quickly deploy
GenAI with Yurts