The most secure bridge to enterprise AI

Yurts is a comprehensive AI platform modernizing enterprise knowledge and workflows, ensuring efficiency, flexibility, and privacy.

Context-rich AI assistants in
the apps you use everyday

Seamlessly integrate AI assistants with your trusted data sources and embed within your applications for a consistent, intuitive experience across teams and customer experiences.

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Keep your data safe

Deploy from your data center, the cloud, or Yurts' secure cloud environment to maintain data privacy and reduce risk.

Transforming knowledge management and everyday workflows

Safer, better, data lets your team do their best work


Find information across disparate data sources and organizational silos.


Critical documents like employee handbooks, user manuals, insurance policies.


Information like meetings, customer support emails, consumer research.


Standardized content like FAQ responses, status reports, product descriptions.


Draft emails, research reports, proposals, and other long and short form content.


A platform with the flexibility to deliver on future applications, whatever they may be.

Quickly deploy
GenAI with Yurts

Customer Stories

“Yurts' expertise in deploying solutions for classified use cases accelerates adoption of this transformative technology across our customers while adhering to their stringent security standards.”

CTO of Redhorse
Matt Teschke

“Yurts AI was a game-changer, transforming our data management and operations by empowering mission-critical activities. The inefficiencies that previously plagued our operations have been replaced by streamlined processes. Yurts ensures our teams can easily access and report high-fidelity data with ease.”

Operations Director
National Research Institute