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Working with Yurts is a is a win-win knowing that they have a full stack platform that scales to thousands of users and runs in the most secure environments.
Matt Teschke
CTO of Redhorse

Innovate and scale at the pace of AI

Ensure your AI models remain up-to-date and cost-efficient, maintaining peak performance aligned with evolving business and tech changes. Flexibility and control so AI works for you.

The updating process of AI models to ensure cost-efficiency and peak performance, in sync with evolving business and technological requirements.

Monitor and adapt in real-time

Balance costs, control usage. Gain insights into generative AI usage, capacity, and latency by tracking key metrics to optimize results.

Identify trends to enhance efficiency and adapt to technological changes.

Monitor generative AI usage in real-time

Integrations and embedded experiences

Seamlessly integrate and leverage AI insights across various platforms and legacy applications—ensuring a cohesive and efficient workflow.

Embed wherever your people work and tailor the user experience.

Integration process of Yurts AI into existing user interfaces and legacy apps, highlighting customization options for brand alignment.

Security and access control

Safeguard sensitive data through stringent and granular access controls, deploy in your datacenter, your VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), and across various public clouds.

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Streamlining permissions to minimize human errors.
Trusted by the Departments of Defense and EnergY

AI built for your enterprise

Secure, trustworthy enterprise AI

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Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG): Industry-leading RAG to provide AI-generated answers with citations that point back to trusted data sources.

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Context Aware Search: AI without the hallucination risk. Context-aware search ensures Yurts generates answers based on fact.

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LLM Agnostic: Interchangeable LLMs to optimize for security, performance, and cost.

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Flexible Deployment: Deploy from your data center, the cloud, or Yurts' secure cloud environment to maintain data privacy and reduce risk

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Role-Based Access Control: Data governance controls and permissions that keeps data safe.

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Encrypted Data: SOC2 compliance and data encryption built for the most compliance-heavy government and enterprise use cases.

A new way to interact with knowledge in the enterprise

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