Financial Institutions

Transform your financial operations with AI

Leverage AI for improved lending decisions, financial analysis, customer experiences, and operational efficiency.

Experience AI Finance

AI and financial institutions

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Transform business productivity

Instant access to financial data: Seamless integration with repositories such as Bloomberg or Reuters for efficient document retrieval and decision-making.

Simplify routine tasks: Replace lengthy procedures to focus on strategic planning and client interactions.

Easy financial reporting: Improve accuracy and output for generating financial reports and market insights.

Customized financial bot: Create service-specific bots for quick support and less maintenance.

Proactive financial solutions

Financial team: Increase productivity across Investment Banking, Risk Management, etc. Access market data, generate insights, and tackle queries using our AI-powered tools.

Data handling: Choose the right deployment for secure and private financial data handling–in-house servers, private clouds, or Yurts’s safe cloud environment.

Data security: Safeguard sensitive financial data and limit access to authorized personnel using Single Sign-On (SSO) access control.

Decision-making: Use our customizable LLMs and robust data retrieval for reliable financial forecasting, assessments, and analysis.

Teamwork: Break down silos, foster easy discovery and information sharing, and improve collaboration across departments and teams.

Seamless integrations: Easily connect with current financial tools for optimal operations.

De-risking generative AI for Financial Institutions

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