people management

Employees and recruiters

Enhance your organization's people management with AI-powered solutions that drive employee engagement, streamline onboarding, and facilitate seamless recruiting.
Transform People Management

Streamlined onboarding process

Utilize search and work hub capabilities to help new employees reach their full potential and foster stronger collaboration within your team.

Productivity enhancement

Finding company info should be as easy as finding a cute dog picture on Google. With Yurts' search, chat, and write functionality, your team can find information, get questions answered, and generate new content immediately.

Effective company updates

Promote employee engagement through centralized company announcements and essential resources, cutting through the noise of endless chat channels.

Enhanced collaboration

Leverage online collaboration tools to easily connect with colleagues, discover their projects, and strengthen teamwork within the organization.

Custom candidate outbound

Transform your recruitment efficiency with customized emails to potential candidates. Recruiters and Sourcers can simply input role-specific information and their prospect's LinkedIn URL and Yurts will generate a tailored outbound message.

De-risking generative AI for people management

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