it teams

Secure scaling

Streamlining content permissions to minimize human errors during growth stages.
Mitigate Scaling Risks

Security and governance

Controlling data sprawl: keep data proliferation under check, ensuring efficient and secure information management.

Improving security governance: Reinforce your security governance, fortifying your organization's protection against potential threats.

Providing a unified view of security permissions: Get a holistic perspective on the user's security permissions across your organization

Accessibility and efficiency

Allowing access only to permissible documents: Ensure that your team only gets access to documents they are authorized to view, maintaining the security of sensitive information.

Simplifying knowledge discovery: Make the discovery of enterprise knowledge easier with the streamlined search and retrieval capabilities.

Risk management

Enhancing identification of scaling-related risks: Identify and mitigate potential scaling-related risks, empowering your organization to grow confidently and effectively.

IT teams now have complete control

Security control: Yurts provides robust security governance that prevents data sprawl.

Unified view: IT departments get a unified view of all security permissions across the organization, reducing the risk of oversight.

Permission governance: With Yurts, users can only access data they have permission for, ensuring content remains secure.

Knowledge discovery: Access to permissible documents simplifies knowledge discovery, increasing work efficiency.

De-risking generative AI for IT teams

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