Optimize sales performance

Improve deal understanding, call preparation, and craft the perfect pitch to boost sales while strengthening client relationships.
Transform Sales Strategy

Seamless integration with your CRM

Yurts Enterprise AI connects to your existing sales stack, allowing you to identify potential issues and opportunities within your sales cycle. Help your sales team recognize areas for improvement and capitalize on potential growth points.

Digital Assistant for meeting preparation

Our AI-powered Digital Assistant gathers essential data from various sources and provides a summarized overview of your deal status. Equipped with this deeper understanding, your sales team enters meetings fully prepared to address key client concerns and questions.

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FAQ discovery and problem resolution

With Yurts Enterprise AI, your sales team can quickly identify frequently asked questions and address customer issues effectively. The AI analyzes cumulative customer interactions, improving your sales team's ability to anticipate and solve common problems, strengthening client relationships in the process.

Elevate your sales team with the fusion of human expertise and Yurts Enterprise AI

Head of sales

Improve internal communication on deal status, risks, and opportunities. Raise the effectiveness of every team member by equipping them with best practices in the form of an intelligent assistant.

Sales development representatives

Enhance your cold outreach strategy's efficiency and precision. Use enterprise AI to create personalized email content swiftly, fostering deeper engagements with prospective clients.

Account executives

Do more on your own. Summarize call notes and transcripts. Incorporate internal sales enablement documents easily into customer communication. Improve the quality and clarity of your customer interactions. Coordinate outreach with your SDRs to improve conversion rates.

Set a new baseline for sales productivity and efficacy with Generative AI

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