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Mission critical AI at scale

Transform knowledge management and mission critical workflows at scale through a highly adaptable, secure, Gen AI platform.
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Query multiple applications at once

Break down data silos to harness the knowledge within your documents, apps, and daily operations.

workplace search powered by AI

Refine queries with natural language

Dig deeper into data sources. Ask questions via Chat to refine searches.

Conversational AI

Generate reports using the best data available

Create personalized, context-rich reports and summaries using your own proprietary data.

Wirte content-rich reports instantly with AI

Deploy AI where you need it most

Embed your assistant into your favorite enterprise apps, giving you a consistent AI experience everywhere you go.

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Embedded AI where ever you work
Enterprise SEARCH

Make decisions with confidence

Yurts leverages proprietary Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) models to ensure our platform serves your the most relevant and recent enterprise data.

Trusted search results powered by your company data
role-based access control

Securely share intelligence across teams

Role-based access control to maintain security compliance and data governance.

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Secure scaling with role-based access control

AI at scale, without the hidden costs

Secure, trustworthy enterprise AI

RAG Icon

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG): Industry-leading RAG to provide AI-generated answers with citations that point back to trusted data sources.

Search Icon

Context Aware Search: AI without the hallucination risk. Context-aware search ensures Yurts generates answers based on fact.

LLM Icon

LLM Agnostic: Interchangeable LLMs to optimize for security, performance, and cost.

Deployment Icon

Flexible Deployment: Deploy from your data center, the cloud, or Yurts' secure cloud environment to maintain data privacy and reduce risk

RBA Icon

Role-Based Access Control: Data governance controls and permissions that keeps data safe.

Data encryption Icon

Encrypted Data: SOC2 compliance and data encryption built for the most compliance-heavy government and enterprise use cases.

A new way to interact with knowledge in the enterprise

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