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Enhance the efficiency of your entire workforce without compromising your enterprise's privacy and security.
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Streamline enterprise operations

Yurts delivers intelligent AI solutions that enable seamless efficiency and optimize customer experiences in large-scale enterprises. We empower any team across any industry with a unified, comprehensive AI platform for smarter, faster operations.

Transform business productivity

Search: Merge knowledge from sources like GSuite, Sharepoint, Confluence, Oracle, and Notion for swift document discovery, regardless of location.

Chat: Enable teams automate manual tasks like understanding documents or FAQ searches, offering immediate, efficient support over tailored AI solutions.

Write: Effortlessly produce exceptional work with automated, speedy content generation that delivers tailored outputs in seconds.

Assistants: Embeddable assistants that work where you work with the full information of your enterprise.

Secure knowledge platform

Collaborative workflows: Unlike bespoke AI, Yurts benefits all teams, accelerating everyday tasks. Use Search, Write, or Chat features for efficient task completion.

Privacy: Yurts, trusted by the Department of Defense, offers customizable high-security solutions, granting full control over your data location.

Data Security: Secure sensitive information with Single Sign-On (SSO) in Yurts, granting access only to pre-authorized team members.

AI Confidence: Ensure reliable results with a tailored solution. Choose LLMs, world-class Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), or full-referenceability for team's work confidence.

Collaboration: Use Yurts’ knowledge management solution to break down silos for easy information-finding and sharing across teams.

Product: Yurts simplifies AI integration with a user-friendly system. Its adaptable platform facilitates search, collaboration, and insights, for seamless IT implementation.

De-risking generative AI for the enterprise

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