Make everyday easier with Accessible AI

Yurts is on a mission, to connect people to their best work. An AI-powered platform where the everyday worker becomes the architect of their productivity. 


Enhancing security and privacy with high standards, Yurts is a trusted choice for secure entities via single tap deployment.


Connecting with any system and allowing model customization ensures fast and adaptable AI integration everywhere.


Implementing accessible AI and creating searchable repositories optimizes cost, privacy, and productivity for all.

Unlock a world of efficiency and possibility

Trusted by secure entities worldwide, including the US Departments of Defense and Energy, Yurts empowers commercial enterprises with its AI solutions.

Bridging AI and Fortune companies

Yurts serves as a bridge for Fortune companies aiming to integrate AI, enhancing their security and privacy measures. Its unique value is in addressing AI challenges, such as secure connections across systems, that have hindered its adoption in the global workforce.

Connecting any system enhancing adoption

Yurts fosters broad adoption by connecting with any system, transforming knowledge bases into searchable repositories, and upholding high security standards. Its evolving models allow customization to optimize cost, privacy, and performance.

Meet our founders

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.
Ben Van Roo
CEO and Founder

Ben is the CEO/Co-Founder of Yurts. Ben served as the EVP of National Security at Primer AI, VP of Data Science at Chegg, and was a Researcher at RAND working with the DOD. Ben has spent his career building technology companies serving the Public and the Private sector.

Jason Schnitzer
CTO and Founder

As CTO at Yurts, Jason supports the tech org. His journey includes roles in Production Engineering at Meta, VP on Infra at Looker, and CTO at Chegg. Throughout his career, Jason's passion has remained constant: building platforms, products, and teams.

Guruprasad Raghavan
Lead Research Scientist and Founder

Guru pursues a mix of pure & applied research to develop algorithms and strategies that power Yurts' platform. He derives most of his inspiration from the workings of the human brain and dreams to have Yurts's platform as adaptable, reliable and self-healing as the biological brain! He has his PhD from Caltech in Computational neuroscience. His favorite trail for long distance running is Stevens Creek trail in Mountain View; and his favorite podcast is a narration from the Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

Meet the Team

Generative AI is revolutionizing productivity, but it's not yet workplace-optimized. Yurts is changing that, connecting AI to your everyday tools, data, and workflows to make work easier.
Jessica Agarwal

VP of Marketing

Mark Allen

Head of Commercial Delivery

Daniel Au

Sr. Engineer, Core Platform

MJ Berends

Staff Search Engineer

Dilnoza Bobokalonova

Software Engineer

Felipe Brito

Software Engineer

Jose Cantu

Customer Success Manager, Federal

William Du

Staff Engineer, Applications & ML Lead

John Fabello

Principal Recruiter

Jon Gill

Sr. Engineer, ML Platform

Mark Hair

Federal Sales

Matt Hooper

Sr. Engineer, Core Frontend Lead

Alec Hoyland

Sr. Applied ML Engineer

Raymond Joseph

Staff ML Engineer

Chris Jung

Chief of Staff

Clara Kay

Sr. Business Development Rep

Derek Leverenz

Sr. Software Engineer

Gian Lopes

Software Engineer

Mike Mascari

Sr. Customer Success Manager, Federal

Jason Mobarak

Principal Engineer

Rocky Ongkowidjojo

Sr. Engineer, DevOps

Mike Tong

Sr. ML Engineer - Federal

Alexandra Walker

Executive Assistant, Operations

Nick Weir

VP of Delivery

Maddie Wolf

Head of Operations

Let's make AI accessible together

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