Streamline finance resolutions with AI

Yurts Enterprise AI employs advanced automation to streamline your finance operations and manage your data securely—freeing you to strategize for your business's future.
Generative Finance

Yurts AI powers successful finance teams

Yurts AI employs advanced automation technologies to handle repetitive financial tasks, ranging from approving vendor payments to processing expense reports, freeing your finance team to focus on the fundamental financial health of the business.

Responsive and instant support

Don’t allow long wait times for expense report approvals to frustrate employees and burden your finance team. Yurts AI swiftly addresses and routes employee requests, offering a swift and efficient support experience.

Ingesting finance knowledge

Yurts AI consumes knowledge from your organization's finance-related FAQs, policy documents, and resources to become your primary finance expert. Updating your documents? Yurts AI learns immediately and shares that information over chat.

Automate the routine

Let your team focus on the key numbers and financial planning; let Yurts AI take care of the repetitive tasks. Automate routine actions from invoicing vendors to approving expenses, leaving your team more time for impactful work.

Proactive, actionable information

Keep your employees informed and on-task with automated notifications from Yurts AI. Whether it's a monthly expense report submission or a policy update, Yurts AI communicates the necessary information directly.

AI-powered platform for Finance Teams

Data interpretation
Goes through vast amounts of data to classify and process financial documents, facilitating a more effective and precise financial analysis.

Financial analysis
Augments the financial analysis process, making it more comprehensive, productive, and cost-efficient.

Stakeholder communication
Provides continuous assistance, answering inquiries and aiding stakeholder-financial team communication.

Financial compliance reporting
Proposes custom solutions for inspecting financial compliance reports, ensuring precision, and adherence to mitigate risks.

Employee empowerment:
Supports each employee's understanding and adherence to company financial policies by utilizing AI to provide policy clarification and answer inquiries, promoting automated and efficient processes.

Efficient time management
Helps in time management, enhancing productivity and effectiveness in daily workflows and tasks.

De-risking generative AI for finance team

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