Security and privacy

Your Security. Our Priority.

Built for the DOD, your security is integral, which is why it's incorporated from the project's inception.
Enhance Data Privacy

Trusted by the Department of Defense and Energy

Yurts, now an integral part of the Tradewinds marketplace, maintains its commitment to providing reliable Enterprise AI solutions for security-driven projects.

Keep your data safe

Deploy from your data center, cloud, or Yurts’ secure cloud for data privacy.

SOC 2 monitored by Drata. A comprehensive audit verifying a cloud-service provider’s effective handling of sensitive information.

Secure IL-2, IL-4/5, and IL-6 environments

Enteprise-level security

Secure authentication: Leverage centralized access management with SSO, role-based permission control, granular logs for auditing, and enhance security via multi-factor authentication.

Permission governance: Take control of data sprawl, sync security permissions, and pinpoint potential scaling risks. Define the accessibility boundaries for Yurts.

More on security

If you’ve found a security vulnerability or have Yurts AI security inquiries, please email us at Contact our sales team for more details on Yurts Enterprise AI security and reliability