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Introducing a new Enterprise AI tool that seamlessly integrates with your most trusted data sources and embeds into your applications.

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Embedded Assistant

Yurts Assistants are everywhere you work

Embed your Assistant across your favorite enterprise apps, bringing you a consistent and intuitive experience no matter where your work takes you.

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Personal Assistant

Accelerate Enterprise-wide reporting

Automate tasks with total accuracy and control, providing context-aware support.

Team Assistant

Connecting teams to do their best work

Never miss an update. Instantly summarize information from multiple company apps; discover, create, and share intelligence across teams.


Elevate customer interactions

Help end-users and customers quickly find information and share knowledge across collaborative spaces.

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secure, trustworthy enterprise ai

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG): Industry-leading RAG to provide AI-generated answers with citations that point back to trusted data sources.

Context Aware Search: AI without the hallucination risk. Context-aware search ensures Yurts generates answers based on fact.

LLM Agnostic: Interchangeable LLMs to optimize for security, performance, and cost.

Flexible Deployment: Deploy from your data center, the cloud, or Yurts' secure cloud environment to maintain data privacy and reduce risk

Role-Based Access Control: Data governance controls and permissions that keeps data safe.

Encrypted Data: SOC2 compliance and data encryption built for the most compliance-heavy government and enterprise use cases.


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