Legal team

Leverage AI for a smarter Legal Department

Let AI drive your internal legal operations, managing copyright, contract analysis, and cross-team communication.
Activate AI Legal Ops

Yurts Enterprise AI streamlines legal workflows, augments contract inspections, and betters communication within the organization.

Document processing and legal research

Exploit your own data to perform proficient document categorization and augmented legal research.

Analyze extensive legal documents using your data for actionable insights.

Improve the accuracy of your templates and legal documents.

Identify potential legal risks by finding common clauses within various documents and processes.

Manage intellectual property by discovering related documents, such as patent applications and trademark filings.

Boosting team efficiency

Enforce best practices by leveraging templates for for common legal clauses.

Enhance contact analysis with automated key term extraction and risk detection.

Improve other internal teams’ understanding of your findings with legal translation into plain language.

Handle routine compliance matters like GDPR or DMCA requests. Maintain data security and privacy.

Designed to meet the critical security and data privacy

Data management
Control your data’s location and handling with options like own data center, cloud, or Yurts’ secure cloud, and keep data in-instance and unshared using any LLM.

Document access and verification
Utilize Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) for relevant results and verify source documents with full-referenceability.

User access and data segmentation
Control user access with Single Sign-On (SSO) and secure data further with permission-based knowledge collections.

AI-powered platform for internal Legal teams

Document processing
Look through lots of data to classify and process documents, aiding in a more efficient and accurate analysis.

Legal research
Speed up the research process by letting Yurts’ digital assistant, making it more thorough, efficient, and cost-effective.

Cross-team communication
Maintain continuous service, responding to queries and fostering improved internal communication.

Contract analysis
Offer tailored solutions for scrutinizing contracts, ensuring accuracy and compliance to mitigate risks.

Risk forecasting
Help legal teams identify potential legal risks by examining extensive data, enabling preemptive action.

Managing time
Assist in time management, increasing productivity and efficiency in daily workflows and tasks.

De-risking generative AI for Legal

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