Guruprasad Raghavan
Lead Research Scientist and Founder

Meet Yurts blog contributor

Guru pursues a mix of pure & applied research to develop algorithms and strategies that power Yurts' platform. He derives most of his inspiration from the workings of the human brain and dreams to have Yurts's platform as adaptable, reliable and self-healing as the biological brain! He has his PhD from Caltech in Computational neuroscience. His favorite trail for long distance running is Stevens Creek trail in Mountain View; and his favorite podcast is a narration from the Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

Navigating the Challenges of Fine Tuning and Catastrophic Forgetting

Learn to fine-tune LLMs with FIP & LoRA methods to beat "Catastrophic Forgetting" for robust AI applications across industries.
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Illusions Unraveled: The Magic and Madness of Hallucinations in LLMs — Part 1

TL;DR: We benchmarked various open-source LLMs, including Llama-v2-7b-chat, finding they hallucinate around 55% of the time in context-aware Q&A tasks without tuning.
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