Ben Van Roo

CEO and Founder

Ben is the CEO/Co-Founder of Yurts. Ben served as the EVP of National Security at Primer AI, VP of Data Science at Chegg, and was a Researcher at RAND working with the DOD. Ben has spent his career building technology companies serving the Public and the Private sector.

He enjoys trail running and Trader Joe's Scandinavian Swimmers (gummies).

Ben Van Roo

Nov 18

You are more than a prompt, and your company needs more than a LLM

We see a daily set of Generative AI press releases and a gazillion GenAI tweets and LI posts. We hear constant calls for regulation, testimonies, and forecasts of massive economic disruption. New GenAI models, new acronyms, new companies. The dizzying pace of it all is exciting and offers promising breakthroughs, yet makes it difficult to understand the opportunity versus the noise.Amid the excitement, buzz, and frothiness that is GenAI in 2023, there’s an elephant in the room that has not yet been addressed: Enterprises are barely using it. GenAI is not driving major activities across the Fortune 2000 – it’s not being assigned to critical workflows or driving real revenue generating functions.

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