Your easy button for context-rich generative AI

Optimize your team’s productivity and output with AI-powered experiences for writing, search, and chat.

How it works

01. Connect

Connect to all your company’s data, applications, and external sources using Yurts AI.

02. Process

Process your documents for key passages, quotes, entities, summaries and more to ensure that your AI outputs are citable and fact-based.

03. Organize

Organize your documents into collections and connect them to models that help minimize hallucinations, provide full explainability, and attribution.

04. Full Suite

Use Yurts’ full suite of apps like writings, search, and chat to enable cross-app productivity, all of which are powered by your company’s messaging, voice, and data.

05. Integrate

Work from the Yurts application, or directly within your workflow productivity tools like Salesforce, Google Docs, SharePoint, and more.

The AI-powered application suite that helps you reach new levels of enterprise productivity


Leverage the AI-based guided composition and auto citation feature to write documents with suggested claims, quotes, and facts based on your input. Once you’re done writing, the fact-checking feature reviews your content for invalidated claims so you can edit where needed.

Knowledge Collections

Upload information from your public and private data into knowledge collections and use knowledge extractors to structure it into claims, facts, and quotes. You can also structure your personal, shared, and industry-specific knowledge into separate collections for more control over the way your information is organized and maintained.

Chat Assistant

Use the Q&A interface that’s connected to Yurts knowledge collections for use cases like research, writing, or internal lookup-related queries. Deployment is flexible, either as a standalone app or accessed within Writer, with features like suggested questions and citable answers from documents in the knowledge collection.


Yurts revolutionizes data management with its LLM-based search interface, enabling efficient text-based searches across all content. By leveraging structured information extracted from documents, it uncovers relationships between items in collections and offers semantic search capabilities for retrieving similar content. Yurts also simplifies data access, promotes collaboration with internal experts, and ensures accurate version tracking, eliminating duplicates and enhancing data provenance.


Bring Yurts’ knowledge collections and writing experience to your web-based productivity suites like Salesforce, SharePoint, Google Docs, Notion, Confluence, and CMS connectors with the writer extension. This is made possible through the JavaScript SDK or the Yurts Chrome Extension for flexibility and convenience when using Yurts.