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Private, secure, and seamlessly integrated solutions optimized for Government agencies, IL/2 - IL/6.
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mission brief

Whether involved in battlefield operations or support roles for American warfighters, Yurts amplifies your unit’s productivity by automating repetitive documentation, enabling soldiers to be fully committed to mission success.

Reliable and secure

Yurts is proud to deploy its transformative GenAI platform across the DoD, with production-ready deployments on Game Warden's ATO. Yurts recently received "Awardable" status in the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace, ensuring fast and seamless integrations for government agencies.

Transforming federal agencies with secure AI

Private and secure deployment
Yurts deploys into your existing on-premises or cloud IL-2, IL-4/5, and IL-6 environments, keeping your data safe.

One stack solution
Minimize systems administration burden with our complete solution, eliminating the need for coordination across multiple vendors.

High-quality, attributed outputs
Accelerate document preparation by automatically generating text with references to source material.

Faster time-to-value
Yurts connects to your private data and external knowledge sources, integrating directly into your existing tools to reduce cognitive burden, thus making analysts more efficient.


Your Company’s Knowledge, Accessible Anywhere

AI-enhanced solutions for Government agencies

Efficient search and discovery
Locate mission critical information within diverse data sources and organizational structures.

Standardized Content generation
Produce uniform content for FAQs, status reports, and legislative descriptions.

Intelligent chat assistance
Extract vital insights from documents, such as supply inventory, personnel documents, training materials or even situation reports.

Streamlined writing
Expedite drafting emails, intelligence reports, proposals, and various long or short form content.

Automated summarization
Condense extensive information from meetings, emails, legislative documents, intelligence reports, and research data.

Adaptive platform
Flexibility for seamless integration directly into your mission applications.

“Yurts' expertise in deploying solutions for classified use cases accelerates adoption of this transformative technology across our customers while adhering to their stringent security standards..”

CTO of Redhorse
Matt Teschke

“Yurts AI was a game-changer, transforming our data management and operations by empowering mission-critical activities. The inefficiencies that previously plagued our operations have been replaced by streamlined processes. Yurts ensures our teams can easily access and report high-fidelity data with ease.”

Operations Director
National Research Institute

mission DEBRIEF

The Yurts platform is ready for use by the DOD and other Federal agencies where security and control are nonnegotiable.

De-risking generative AI for Government agencies

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