Simplified HR assistance

Transform employee onboarding by providing easy access to centralized knowledge, empowering new hires, and boosting productivity with conversational AI.

Streamlined onboarding process

Faster onboarding of new hires

Efficient and centralized knowledge access

Empowers new hires to take charge of their onboarding experience

Accelerates new employees' adaptation to their roles

Productivity enhancement

Reduced dependency on tenured employees for guidance

Enables experienced team members to focus on core tasks and drive business goals

Enhances overall organizational productivity

AI-powered knowledge management

Query your company knowledge base

Independent access to essential resources for new employees

"My recent onboarding experience was a breeze thanks to Yurts AI. It rapidly connected me to key company policies and data, and its chat and search features streamlined everything. It accelerated my integration and preparation for my new role. Kudos to Yurts AI for revolutionizing onboarding!"

Maddie Wolf - Head of Operations

AI-powered employee onboarding platform

Search: Find information across disparate data sources and organizational silos

Generate: Standardized content like FAQ responses, status reports, product descriptions

Chat: Critical documents like employee handbooks, user manuals, insurance policies

Write: Draft emails, onboarding playbook, proposals, and other long- and short-form content

Summarize: Information like meetings, employee support emails, insurance policies

Adapt: A platform with the flexibility to deliver future applications, whatever they may be

De-risking generative AI for HR Support

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