Enterprise AI for your business

Yurts Digital Assistant boosts enterprise productivity by providing secure information, enhancing cross-team collaboration, and streamlining workflows.
Experience AI Assistant

Experience AI Assistant

Enterprise teams cope with many challenges:

Achieving time efficiency

Ensuring cross-department collaboration

Maintaining confidentiality

Managing complex data

optimize work perfomance

Enterprise teams need a secure environment to enhance their work efficiency. Yurts Digital Assistant simplifies the handling of complex information, ensures privacy, fosters cross-team cooperation, and saves time. Our aim is to boost your team productivity and optimize employee performance.

Innovative solution for enterprise management

Through conversational AI, the Yurts Digital Assistant reimagines productivity by offering a suite of benefits specifically designed for improved efficiency.

Streamlined productivity

Craft precise, secure information tailored to your company's unique needs, ensuring your business progresses effectively.

Real-time data permissions

Strong focus on data permissions guarantees authorized access only, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your critical company's data.

Your trusted information hub

Operating as a central information hub connecting various data sources, making data management effortless and efficient.

Leveraging the power of enterprise AI

Experience the advantage of generative AI which streamlines workflow, enhances customer communication, and initiates cross-team collaboration.

AI-powered digital assistant

Search: Swiftly retrieve information across divergent data sources and organizational structures

Summarize: Adept in summarizing extensive volumes of information like meetings' minutes, customer support emails, and consumer research data

Write: Streamline the drafting of emails, research reports, proposals, and other long or short form content

Chat: Skillful in distilling crucial data from documents such as employee handbooks, user manuals, and insurance policies

Generate: Efficiently formulate standardized materials including FAQ responses, status updates, and product descriptions

Adapt: An AI Digital Assistant designed with the agility to accommodate and deliver future applications seamlessly

De-risking generative AI for enterprises

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