Build a chat-bot in a few clicks

Make your team more efficient by enabling them to get their questions answered - instantly.
personalize your ai

Streamlined Personalization

With Yurts Build-a-Bot, personalize your services while using pre-built elements, bringing efficiency and faster setup to your business.

Ready-to-use custom AI bot

Avoid the complexities of building your own systems by using Yurts' out of the box solution. Quickly connect your company's content from wherever it lives using Yurts' pre-built integrations. Get it done fast without needing to hire developers using Yurts' no-code platform.

Seamless enterprise AI for your business

Simple and user-friendly means your team can start using it without a learning curve.

Eliminate disruption by getting answers to questions in seconds.

Establish tailored conversational experiences and streamline AI-centric tasks, including drafting emails, data analysis, or generating internal codes.

No-code generative AI you can trust

You're in the driver's seat with custom access controls for your organization.

Get accurate answers and dig deeper into them with full referencibility.

Stay confident in your data privacy knowing Yurts doesn't train on your information and maintain security by allowing your information to live in a private cloud or on prem.

AI-powered knowledge management platform

Search: Unify information retrieval from diverse data sources and organizational compartments

Summarize: Condense extensive data from meetings, emails, reports, and legal documents into succinct summaries

Write: Accelerate drafting emails, research reports, proposals, and other long or short form content

Chat: Efficiently extract essential details from documents to match any use case or industry

Generate: Produce standardized material such as FAQ responses, status reports, and product descriptions

Adapt: A personalized AI platform designed with the flexibility to support and integrate emerging applications seamlessly

De-risking generative AI for enterprises

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