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Yurts at Yurts: Maddie Tries Out Yurts

Published on
Dec 13, 2023
Maddie Wolf
Yurts summary

So you've heard all of this AI talk, but you're maybe still wondering where and how it can be useful in the everyday. Can it really save you time, help you find things, write things and just do things faster? Check out our latest Yurts at Yurts (we call it YAY), where Maddie shows you how using Yurts turned a simple onboarding experience up a notch so she can confidently confirm her holiday plans. Happy New Year!!

Streamlined onboarding process

The streamlined onboarding process driven by AI has numerous advantages. Initially, new hires may experience a learning curve, but this can provide valuable insights and assist in skill development, making them more adept at navigating their new environment. Accelerated onboarding leads to efficient utilization of time, allowing employees to focus on actionable tasks rather than tedious administrative procedures. Centralized data acts as a one-stop access point for all necessary information, saving both time and effort. By empowering new hires to take charge of their onboarding, they develop a sense of independence, ownership, and confidence. Furthermore, quicker adaptation to their roles enhances productivity, positively impacting employee growth and business outcomes.

Productivity enhancement

When it comes to productivity enhancement, AI-driven onboarding delivers. A strategic shift in dependency allows tenured employees to focus on core tasks, leading to a boost in overall team productivity. Guiding new hires to be self-sufficient enables experienced team members to drive business goals and contribute to higher-level efforts. This increased productivity at both individual and organizational levels fosters competitiveness and growth.

AI-powered knowledge management

Investing in AI-powered knowledge management offers numerous benefits as well. Implementing such a tool not only encourages technology adoption but also aids in skill enhancement. By promoting independent access to resources, new hires are empowered to take control of their own learning experience and develop a sense of responsibility. This innovative approach to onboarding creates a conducive atmosphere for growth and success within the organization.

Transform employee onboarding by providing easy access to centralized knowledge, empowering new hires, and boosting productivity. Experience the benefits of a fully customizable AI solution with no coding skills necessary. Contact us for a personalized demo.