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How AI for Legal Teams Boost Efficiency and Performance

Published on
Dec 27, 2023
Maddie Wolf
Yurts summary

Imagine your legal team's operations being entrapped within an unrelenting maze of contract sprawl, compliance issues, and oversights. Unleash the power of AI for legal teams with Yurts– not only streamlining these tedious tasks, but also revolutionizing how your legal team functions. Get ready for a deep dive into how Yurts AI can transform challenges into catalysts for exceptional legal performance.

Find and organize contracts  

Navigating the labyrinth of contract sprawl can be an arduous task, especially when confronted with hundreds or even thousands of customer, vendor, and employee contracts dispersed across various systems. However, with Yurts AI for contract management, this challenge transforms into an opportunity for streamlined efficiency. Yurts' cutting-edge search capabilities serve as an easy button for finding what you need, enabling you to locate contracts seamlessly, regardless of their residence. Through integrations with widely used systems like Workday, Confluence, Sharepoint, and OneDrive, Yurts becomes the compass that guides you through the intricate landscape of contract management, ensuring that the right contract is always at your fingertips.

Enhancing team efficiency and compliance

Yurts AI, an emerging leader in AI for legal teams, aims to boost team efficiency and ease compliance matters. With the Yurts Digital Assistant, navigate routine compliance matters such as GDPR or DMCA requests smoothly. Going beyond routine tasks, Yurts AI proves a powerful platform for handling complex needs like contract analysis, automated key term extraction, comparing contracts, and facilitating legal research. Focus on high-impact issues while Yurts AI for contract management takes care of the rest—ultimately empowering your team to concentrate on pivotal issues.

Speed up cross-team communication

Not everyone is well-versed in the intricacies of legal language. Simplify legal language with Yurts AI, a game-changer in AI for legal teams. Yurts' AI legal translation feature decodes complex legal jargon into plain language, improving comprehension across teams. Whether you're stuck articulating a legal concept or need an immediate translation, Yurts' AI chat is ready to bridge the gap between legal complexities and clear communication.

Trust, security, and data privacy

Trust, data security and privacy are paramount for any legal professional. Therefore, Yurts is engineered to meet the highest standards of security and data privacy in legal ops. With Yurts, the control of data's location and handling is in your hands, be it in your data center, the cloud, or Yurts' secure cloud. It provides an unshared, in-instance security enforcement, complying with any Legal Knowledge Management (LKM) method. Yurts AI for legal teams also utilizes Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), supports SSO for user access, and protects data with permission-based knowledge collections.

The future of legal excellence

Yurts is more than another tool—it's a strategic partner driving your legal team to the apex of performance. With innovations in document processing, legal research, team productivity, and stringent security, Yurts is the golden key to unlocking unprecedented legal prowess. Embrace the future of legal excellence with Yurts AI, where every legal challenge transforms into a stepping stone for success.

Take your legal team to the next level with Yurts AI

Now that we've journeyed through the complex labyrinth of legal operations, it's clear Yurts AI for legal teams is the guide to a smarter, more efficient future. With its impressive contract management, compliance handling, cross-team communication facilitation, and stringent data security policies, harness the power of Yurts AI to streamline your legal operations. Let's accelerate the way your legal team functions, converting painstaking tasks into smooth, efficient processes. Ready to explore how Yurts can magnify your team's efficiency? Set up a free demo today. Embrace the future of legal excellence—embrace Yurts AI.