Bridging your AI knowledge

Unify company knowledge for effortless search and collaboration.
uncover ai insights

Boost productivity

Streamlining everyday tasks with smart AI, enhances efficiency in tasks such as searching through employee handbooks, drafting emails, and generating reports.

Improve relevance

By continuously learning company-specific language and context, the platform ensures more relevant search results and insights.

Trustworthy AI

Built for the DoD, Yurts AI is rooted in your company's unique knowledge collection ensuring it understands and adapts to your specific needs.

Collaborative information gathering

The system breaks down silos, making it easy to find information across different areas of your organization.

Future-ready flexibility

A flexible platform that is ready to adapt and deliver future AI applications, ensuring your investment remains valuable for the long term.

Yurts technology, combined with our proprietary knowledge, is building us a strategic differentiator.

Tech Executive - Yurts Customer

AI-powered knowledge management platform

Search: Find information across disparate data sources and organizational silos

Summarize: Ability to summarize large chunks of information like meetings, customer support emails, consumer research

Write: Streamlines drafting emails, research reports, proposals, and other long or short form content

Chat: Helpful in extracting critical information from documents like employee handbooks, user manuals, insurance policies

Generate: Creates standardized content like FAQ responses, status reports, product descriptions

Adapt: A platform with the flexibility to deliver future applications, whatever they may be

De-risking generative AI for the enterprise

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